With added Human-Placenta -Extractions (without estrogenes and gestagenes)
and with other effective ingredients, which by special procedure
are being preserved in liquid form.

The topical application of Placen Formula stimulates and increases
the respiration and metabolic processes of the skin, to ensure more adequate
nutrition to the hair. The
Placen Formula Hair Tonic and Scalp Lotion
is especially designed to work with the
Hairdressing Laser.
With acute hair loss, the still intact hair papilla is being activated to new growth
by the combination of these two procedures.

we recommend the preparation:

v with hair loss
(stops reliably natural hair loss)

v with circle like hair loss ALOPECIA AREATA
(amazing results)

v with fine and thin hair
(gives more volume)

v with weak hair structure
(improves the hair structure)

v for the feeling "to have more hair"

With grow hair loss the still intact hair papillas are being activated to new growth
by the treatment. An improvement of the hair structure is given
within all spheres and with problem cases.