The new scientific technology has been designed to promote hair growth and improve
hair structure. The
Hairdressing Laser operates by emitting a continuous shower of light
at multiple frequencies through the applicators on the brush.
The Hairdressing brush is a beneficial aid in most cases to advance hair growth
and is applied directly to the scalp. By stimulating circulation and ion exchange
at the cellular membrane level, nutritional absorption
will be enhanced within the hair follicle.

recommended for:

v hair loss

v poor hair structure

v thinning hair

v scalp irritations

The topical application of Placen Formula stimulates and increases the respiration
and metabolic processes of the skin, to ensure more adequate nutrition to the hair.
Placen Formula Hair Tonic and Scalp Lotion is especially designed to work
with the
Hairdressing Laser. With acute hair loss, the still intact hair papilla is being
activated to new growth by the combination of these two procedures.