A combination of refined proteins and silicone. When "fluid silc"
is applied, these proteins are deposited in the hair and have
a binding effect with the silicone.

A Treatment With "Fluid Silc"

v closes porous areas in the hair

v acheives greater elasticity in already healthy hair

v maintains the shape of the hairstyle longer

v sets colour products in the hair

recommended for:

v structurally damaged hair

v weakened hair ends

v additional shine

v after colouring or perms

After washing the hair, briefly work "fluid silc" into the towel-dried hair
and then distribute with a comb. Do not rinse. After treatments,
work on as normal. If a setting preparation is to be used, dry the hair briefly
under a drying hood. (Do not use directly before alkaline treatments.)

By using "fluid silc ", the high quality refined proteins and the silicone form
a strong bond with the hair and seals it. The otherwise detrimental influence
of blow drying in the case of poor hair structure, now has the opposite effect,
as the heat of the hair dryer makes the merging process more intensive.
The beneficial effect lasts until the next time the hair is washed
and possibly longer. The hairstyle keeps its shape longer.