Enriched with "RNA" (Ribonuclein Acid) and other substances to enclose you hair safely.
Beauty Serum " is made of several high quality active agents which develop a kind of
"elastic bandage" around the hair and protects it against all influences of weather.

As soon as all preceeding treatments (stabilizers, foams, colours, rinses, hair cures)
are finished, slightly dry the hair with a hair drier.
Then apply "
Beauty Serum " onto complete hair and comb it through.
Do not massage it in and do not rinse.

recommended for:

v split ends

v after application of colour rinses, stabilizers & foams

v after perm treatments

v after all other chemical treatments

v water repellent

v protection against fading by sun, salty water

v achieving a visible increase in hair volume

v taking a shower

v greasy hair

Complete content of one ampule is sufficient for long hair. Use a little less
for shorter hair. Always use "
Beauty Serum" as the last treatment.